As Christian faculty members from a variety of academic institutions who share a common concern regarding the current social and political climate in the U.S., we offer the following statement. We hope to address our larger communities of faith as we all engage in dialogue, discernment, and action. We thank the faculty and staff of North Park Theological Seminary and Westmont College for graciously allowing us to adapt and build on their statements.

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The United States has experienced a contentious election and post-election season marked by fear, polarization, and violence. The current political climate reveals longstanding national sins of racism, misogyny, nativism, and great economic disparity. As Christian faculty members of institutions of higher education who represent varying degrees of privilege and power (but who are not representing those institutions in this document), we, the undersigned, join our voices with those who are most vulnerable.

We affirm the dignity of every human being as created in God’s image (Gen. 1:27). We submit to the sovereignty of Christ who humbled himself unto death. As members of his body, we strive to consider others above ourselves (Phil. 2:2–8); to speak the truth in love (Eph. 4:15); to serve one another in humility (Matt. 20:26–28); and to honor and steward God’s good creation (Gen. 1:28). As one body, if one member suffers, all suffer (1 Cor. 12:26); if one weeps, the body laments with them (Rom. 12:15); even creation groans in bondage to decay (Rom. 8:19-23).

As Christian educators, we affirm our deep resolve to pursue truth, to reason carefully, and to rely on sound evidence. While now “we see through a glass darkly” (1 Cor. 13:12), we stand resolutely against any falsehood that seeks to undermine truth and any propaganda intended to obscure it.

A large portion of our communities is weeping. The fear of deportation is real. The anxiety of being assaulted is real. The fear of being forgotten or mistreated is real. Many people of color, women, and other marginalized groups feel increasingly alienated not only in the current national context but in much of the white evangelical culture as well. Acknowledging that pain and woundedness may take many forms, we humbly entreat Christian communities to seek healing, reconciliation, and justice.

Regardless of where Christians stand politically, the gospel demands we recognize vulnerable populations among us. The gospel also demands that Christians recognize ways we benefit from and participate in structural injustices. Ignoring policies that denigrate and even endanger vulnerable groups is not a faithful option, even if privilege allows some to do so. When we have power, we are called to use it justly and for the good of all.

We confess that we have, too often, failed in calling out injustice, in loving and knowing our neighbors, and in properly stewarding God’s creation. We pray for genuine conviction to undo the harm we have caused. In the midst of real suffering within our community, we humbly seek not only to love our neighbor but to know our neighbor (Luke 10:29), through our conversations, classroom discussions, and times of prayer. We hope to embody a community in which walls of hostility are broken down (Eph. 2:14) and where love casts out all fear (1 John 4:18).

Abilene Christian University
Garry Bailey , Associate Professor of Conflict Resolution
Janine Morgan , Instructor College of Biblical Studies
Jack Maxwell , Professor of Art and Design
Linnea Rademaker , Professor
Brian Cole , Assistant Professor, School of Educational Leadership
Mark Hamilton , Robert and Kay Onstead Professor of Old Testament
James Nichols , Professor of Biology
Qiang Xu , Associate Professor of Biology
Tom Lee , Professor and Chair of Biology
Rebecca Hunter , Associate Professor of Biology
Daniel K Brannan , Professor of Biology, Philosophy, and Theological Dialogue
Alma College
Brad Westgate , Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Kathryn D. Blanchard , Charles A. Dana Professor of Religious Studies
Alvin Community College
Richard Heyduck , Adjunct Faculty
Anderson University - IN
Daniel Allen , Associate Professor of Political Science
Jaye L. Rogers , Professor of History
Michael Frank , Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for Public Service
Andover Newton Theological School
MT Dávila , Associate Professor of Christian Ethics
Jennifer Howe Peace , Associate Professor of Interfaith Studies
Robert W. Pazmino , Valeria Stone Professor of Christian Education
Nayda Aguila , Registrar
Adam Hearlson , Assistant Professor of Preaching and Worship & Director of Wilson Chapel
Asbury Theological Seminary
Lalsangkima Pachuau , J. W Beeson Professor of Christian Mission
Gregg A. Okesson , Dean, E. Stanley Jones School of World Mission and Evangelism
Bill T. Arnold , Paul S. Amos Professor of Old Testament Interpretation
Asbury University
David R. Swartz , Associate Professor of History
Gay Holcomb , Associate Professor of Psychology
Corrie Merricks , Assistant Professor of English and Director of the Center for Academic Excellence
Linda Stratford , Professor
Erin Penner , Assistant Professor of English
Kevin Brown , Associate Professor
Nathan Miller , Assistant Professor of Music
Henry Zonio , Adjunct Instructor
Sharon Clark Bryson , Assistant Professor, Master of Social Work
Keith A. Barker , Professor
Chris Bounds , Professor of Theology
Ashland Theological Seminary
L. Daniel Hawk , Professor of Old Testament
Wyndy Corbin Reuschling , Professor of Ethics and Theology
Auburn University
James Loxley Compton , Instructor, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage , Professor Feline Hermeneutics
Azusa Pacific University
Michael Bruner , Asst. Professor of Practical Theology
Dennis Okholm , Professor of Theology
Kay Higuera Smith , Professor of Biblical and Religious Studies
Kirsten S. Oh , Associate Professor
Karen A. Longman , Professor - Higher Education
Laurie Schreiner , Professor of Higher Education
Jeffrey Boian , Assistant Professor
William Yarchin , Professor of Biblical Studies
Cheryl A. Crawford , Professor
Justin Marc Smith , Assistant Professor, Biblical & Religious Studies
Don Thorsen , Professor of Theology
Robert A Mullins , Chair and Professor, Department of Biblical and Religious Studies
Brian Lugioyo , Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics
Paul Boles , Associate Professor of Church History
Jessica Wong , Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology
Helen Nazarian , Faculty, Undergraduate Social Work
Tabatha L. Jones Jolivet , Assistant Professor of Higher Education
Janette H. Ok , Assistant Professor of New Testament
Alice Yafeh-Deigh , Professor of Biblical and Religious Studies
David Hunsicker , Adjunct Professor of Theology
Alexander Jun , Professor of Higher Education
Matt Elofson , Professor of Practical Theology
Teri Merrick , Professor of Philosophy
Eileen Hulme , Professor
Regina Chow Trammel , Assistant Professor
Karen Maynard , Assistant Professor
Rukshan Fernando , Associate Dean
Mike DeVries , Adjunct Professor, Biblical and Religious Studies
Michael Dean Clark , Associate Professor of English
Federico A. Roth , Associate Professor, Biblical and Religious Studies
Tasha M Bleistein , Associate Professor
Jen Buck , Assistant Professor of Practical Theology
Michael A Mata , Director, Transformational Urban Leadership Program
Nancy Ackles , Adjunct, TESOL
Richard Robison , Professor
Lauren D. Carroll , Assistant Professor of English Language Studies
David Miyahara , Associate Professor, Sociology
Richard Slimbach , Professor of Global Studies
Aaron Hinojosa , Executive Director, Student Center for Reconciliation and Diversity
Bangor Theological Seminary
Walter R. Dickhaut , Fogg Professor of Sacred Rhetoric and Oratory
Malcolm Warford , President, Emeritus
Susan E. Davies , Jonathan Fisher Professor of Christian Education, retired
Marvin M Ellison , Willard S. Bass Professor Emeritus of Christian Ethics
Robert Grove-Markwood , former President
Baptist Seminary of Kentucky
Mark S. Medley , Associate Professor of Theology
Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond
Mark Edward Biddle , Russell T. Cherry Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew
Baylor University
Barry Harvey , Professor of Theology
Natalie Carnes , Assistant Professor of Theology
Christopher Hansen , Professor and Chair, Department of Film & Digital Media
Roger E. Olson , Foy Valentine Professor of Christian Theology and Ethics
Moisés Park , Assistant Professor of Spanish
Beverly Roberts Gaventa , Distinguished Professor of New Testament
Lynn Whitcomb
David Sherwood , Professor of Social Work, Retired
Ellen Hampton Filgo , Assistant Director for Research & Engagement, Associate Librarian, University Libraries
Tiffany Hogue , Clinical Professor of Higher Education Leadership and Policy
Pete Ramsey , Undergraduate Learning Librarian
Elise M. Edwards , Lecturer
Robert D. Woodberry , Senior Research Professor
Jacqueline Dove , Adjunct Professor, Health, Human Performance & Recreation
Jerry Park , Associate Professor of Sociology
Jo-Ann Tsang , Associate Professor
Elise M. Edwards , Lecturer
Rishi Sriram , Associate Professor of Higher Education
Beloit College
Ellen E. Joyce , Associate Professor of History
Erin Munro Krull , Assistant Professor
Carol Wickersham , Director of Community-Based Learning and Sociology Instructor
Megan Muthupandiyan , Assistant Professor of Writing and Program Coordinator, Liberal Arts in Practice Center
Gregory Buchanan , Associate Professor of Psychology
Rachel Bergstrom , Assistant Professor of Biology
Darrah Chavey , Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
Benedictine University
Robin Pals Rylaarsdam , Professor of Biological Science
Bethel University
Christopher Gehrz , Professor of History
Marion Larson , Professor of English
Mark P. Bruce , Associate Professor of English
Sam Mulberry , Assistant Professor of History
Joel Frederickson , Professor of Psychology
Sara L. H. Shady , Professor of Philosophy
Fred Van Geest , Professor of Political Science
Charles Goldberg , Assistant Professor of History
Ruben Rivera , Chief Diversity Officer and Associate Professor of History
Christopher D. Moore , Associate Professor of Political Science.
Chad Hoyt , Associate Professor of Physics
Amy L. Poppinga , Instructor of History
Raymond J. VanArragon , Professor of Philosophy
Scott Winter , Assistant Professor of English/Journalism
Dr. Sagrid E. Edman , Professor, Nursing (retired)
Steven L. Lancaster , Assistant Professor of Psychology
April Vinding , Associate Professor of English
MIchael Holmes , University Professor of Biblical Studies & Early Christianity
Christian T. Collins Winn , Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology
Andrew Bramsen , Assistant Professor of Political Science
Gary A Long
Susan Leigh Brooks , Professor of English
Sande Traudt , Associate Professor
Amy Lary White , Associate Professor of Social Work
Carrie Peffley , Instructor of Philosophy
Katherine Nevins , Professsor of Psychology
Kent Gerber , Associate Librarian, Digital Library
Adam Johnson , Professor
Richard Peterson , University Professor of Physics Emeritus
Jay Rasmussen , Professor of Education
Andrew D. Rowell , Instructor of Ministry Leadership
Kenneth Petersen , Director of Environmental Studies
Jessica Rose Daniels , Program Director/Associate Professor
Jeannine K. Brown , Professor of New Testament
Laura Gilbertson , Program Director/Instructor of Christian Ministries
Kenneth Steinbach , Professor of Art
Pamela J. Erwin , Professor, Biblical & Theological Studies
Harley Schreck , Professor Anthropology
Cristina Plaza Ruiz
Laura K Sánchez González , Assistant Professor
Biblical Theological Seminary
David T. Lamb , Professor of Old Testament
Biola University
Brad Christerson , Professor of Sociology
Itzel Reyes , Assistant Professor of Spanish
Tania Abouezzeddine , Assistant Professor of Psychology
David C. Wang , Assistant Professor of Psychology
Chase Andre , Adjunct Faculty, Communication Studies
Kent Dunnington , Associate Professor of Philosophy
Christina Lee Kim , Assistant Professor of Psychology
Dorothy Alston Calley , Assistant Professor
Rebecca Hong , Dean of Curriculum and Assessment
James Petitfils , Assistant Professor of New Testament & Early Christianity
Lisa Swain , Associate Professor
Tonya Dantuma , Associate Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Monica Cure , Assistant Professor
Eundria Hill-Joseph , Associate Director, Institutional Research
Joy Qualls , Associate Professor/Department Chair
Barry Krammes , Professor of Art
Allen Yeh , Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies and Missiology
Arianna Molloy , Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, Organizational Communication
Stephanie Chan , Assistant Professor of Sociology
Nancy Wang Yuen , Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology
Daniel Chang , Associate Professor of Art
Thomas Crisp , Professor of Philosophy
Victor Velazquez , Associate Professor, Chair of Modern Languages
Octavio Esqueda , Professor of Christian Higher Education
Chris Davidson , Associate Professor of English
Judith Mendelsohn Rood , Professor of History and Middle East Studies
Laura Ellen McAdams , Graduate, Biola 1979
Julie Neiggemann , Assistant Professor of Nursing
Garrett DeWeese , Professor at Large
Leon Harris , Asst. Professor of Theology
Michal Meulenberg , Assistant Professor
Bluffton University
Gerald J. Mast , Professor of Communication
Randy Keeler , Professor of Religion
Perry Bush , Professor of History
Trevor Bechtel , Adjunct Instructor of Media Technology
Boston College
Richard Gaillardetz , Joseph Professor of Catholic Systematic Theology
James F. Keenan, SJ , Canisius Professor
Mary Ann Hinsdale, IHM , Associate Professor of Theology
Brigham Young University
James Faulconer , Professor, Wheatley Fellow
Joseph Parry , Chair, Philosophy Department
Matthew Wickman , Professor of English and Director of the BYU Humanities Center
Christopher Oscarson , Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Humanities
Corry Cropper , Chair, Department of French and Italian
Kristin L. Matthews , Associate Professor of English
Matthew Ancell , Associate Professor of Humanities and Comparative Literature
V. Stanley Benfell III , Professor of Comparative Literature
Daryl Lee , Associate Professor of French
George Handley , Professor of Interdisciplinary Humanities
Grant M. Boswell , Associate Professor of English
Brandie R. Siegfried , Associate Professor
Zina Nibley Petersen , Associate Professor of English
Cabrini University
Jeff Gingerich , Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
Nicholas Rademacher , Associate Professor, Religious Studies
Jerome Zurek , Professor of Communication
Alia Sheety , Associate Professor, Educational Policy and Leadership
Caroline Nielsen , Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Science
Cairn University
Laura A. Saloiye , Librarian
California Baptist University
Mark Gordon , Assistant Professor, Gordon and Jill Bourns College of Engineering
Erin I. Smith , Assistant Professor of Psychology
California State University Los Angeles
Dr. Rick Fraser , Lecturer in Sociology
Calvin College
David A Hoekema , Professor of Philosophy
Kevin Timpe , William H. Jellema Chair in Christian Philosophy
David Paul Warners , Professor of Biology
Neil Carlson , Director, Center for Social Research
Jeffrey P Bouman
Mark D. Bjelland , Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies
Ruth E Groenhout , Professor of Philosophy
John R. Walcott , Assistant Professor of Education
Margaret Elizabeth Caulfield , Assistant Professor of Biology
Kumar Sinniah , Professor of Chemistry
Erica Boldenow , Assistant Professor of Biology
Lambert Zuidervaart , Visiting Scholar
Ryan M. Bebej , Assistant Professor of Biology
Won W Lee , Professor of Old Testament
Joseph Kuilema
Eric Nykamp , Adjunct Professor of Social Work
David I. Smith , Professor of Education
Randall G. Van Dragt , Professor of Biology
Kristin Du Mez , Associate Professor of History
Randall J. DeJong , Associate Professor of Biology
Carolyn Anderson , Associate Professor of Chemistry
William Romanowski , Arthur H. DeKruyter Chair in Communication
Tracy Kuperus , Professor of International Development
Debra K Rienstra , Professor of English
Linda Naranjo-Huebl , Associate Professor of English
James Vanden Bosch , Professor of English
Johnathan Bascom , Professor
Kathleen DeMey Mey , Librarian
David S.Koetje , Professor of Biology
Frans van Liere , Professor of history.
Claudia Beversluis , Professor of Psychology
Henry (Henk) Aay , Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies Emeritus
David B. Malone , Dean of the Library
Judith Vander Woude , Professor, Speech Pathology and Audiology
Jennifer L. Holberg , Professor of English
George N. Monsma, Jr. , Professor of Economics, Emeritus
Gloria Goris Stronks , Professor of Education, emerita
Todd Cioffi , Co-director, Calvin Prison Initiative & Assistant Professor, Congregational and Ministry Studies
Stacia Hoeksema , Affiliate Professor of Social Work
Mary S. Hulst , College Chaplain
Thomas B. Hoeksema Sr. , Professor of Education, Emeritus
Debra Paxton-Buursma , Associate Professor of Education
Michelle Loyd-Paige
John D. Witvliet , Professor, Director-Calvin Institute of Christian Worship
Campbell University
Ryan Andrew Newson , Adjunct Professor, Christian Studies
Canisius College
Nancy Rourke , Associate Professor of Religious Studies & Theology
Jonathan D. Lawrence , Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Theology
Carleton College
Carolyn Fure-Slocum , College Chaplain
Central Baptist College
Aaron A. New , Professor of Psychology and Counseling
Central Baptist Theological Seminary
Eileen R. Campbell-Reed , Associate Professor of Practical Theology
Centre College
Beau Weston , Professor of Sociology
Champlain College
Wes Balda , Professor of Management
Cincinnati Christian University
Brian Derico , Associate Professor of English
City Vision University
Peter Watts , Adjunct Faculty
Claremont School of Theology
Grace Yia-Hei Kao , Associate Professor of Ethics
Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook , Professor of Practical Theology and Religious Education
Kathy Black , Gerald Kennedy Chair of Homiletics and Liturgics
Karen S. Dalton , Associate Professor of the Practice of Ministry
Duane R. Bidwell , Professor of Practical Theology, Spiritual Care and Counseling
Andrew Dreitcer , Associate Professor of Spirituality
Colorado Christian University
Kristine Whaley , Instructor of English
Concordia University - Portland
Dana Sims Barbarick , Director of Academic Affairs
Concordia University Irvine
Larry Rice , Residence Director and Housing
Dan Waite
Concordia University Texas
Carl C. Trovall , Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Trey Buchanan , Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness
Council of Christian Colleges and Universities
Stanley P. Rosenberg , Executive Director of Scholarship & Christianity in Oxford
Covenant College
Clifford W. Foreman , Professor of English and Moderator of the Faculty
CrossPurpose Center for Urban Leadership
Jeffrey Cook , Academic Director
Crown College
Michial Farmer , Assistant Professor of English
Stephen W. Jones , Assistant Professor of International Studies
Darin Mather , Social Sciences Program Chair
Justin Winzenburg , Assistant Professor of New Testament and Greek
Dordt College
Benjamin Kornelis , Professor of Music
Mark Tazelaar , Professor of Philosophy
Patricia Kornelis , Professor of Education
Aaron Baart , Dean of Chapel
Rikki Heldt , Instructor of Spanish
Howard Schaap , Associate Professor of English
Benjamin J. Lappenga , Assistant Professor of Theology
Sanneke Kok , Associate Adjunct. Language Studies
Robert J. De Smith , Professor of English
Kathleen VanTol , Professor of Education
Robbin Eppinga , Assistant Professor of Biology
Josiah Wallace , Associate Professor of Theatre
David Henreckson , Assistant Professor of Theology
K. Scott Culpepper , Associate Professor of History
Darren G. Stoub , Professor of Biochemistry
Douglas De Boer , Professor of Engineering
Luke Hawley , Associate Professor of English
Duke University Divinity School
Paul J. Griffiths , Warren Chair of Catholic Theology
Raymond Barfield , Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Christian Philosophy
Stanley Martin Hauerwas , Gilbert T. Rowe Emeritus of Theology and Ethics
Warren A Kinghorn , Associate Research Professor of Psychiatry and Pastoral and Moral Theology
Thomas Pfau , Alice Mary Baldwin Professor of English; Professor of German; Faculty Member: Duke Divinity School
J. Ross Wagner , Associate Professor of New Testament
East Texas Baptist University
Gerald E. Nissley, Jr., Psy.D. , Associate Professor of Psychology
Robert Benefield , Professor
Troy A. Ladine , Professor of Biology
Eastern Kentucky University
Michael W. Austin , Professor of Philosophy
Eastern Mennonite Seminary
Emily Peck-McClain , Assistant Professor of Christian Formation, Preaching, & Worship
Les Horning , Director of Admissions
Mary Thiessen Nation , Affiliate Professor of Formation and Trauma Studies
Andrea D. Saner , Assistant Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew Language
Kevin A. Clark , Assistant Professor of Formation and Direction
Dorothy Jean Weaver , Professor of New Testament
Eastern Mennonite University
Heidi Winters Vogel , Associate Professor of Theater
Martha Greene Eads , Professor of English
Tara Kishbaugh , Professor of Chemistry
R. Michael Medley , Professor of English and chair of Language & Literature
Jennifer Ulrich , Technical Services Librarian
David B. Vogel , Ass't Professor of the Practice of Theater
Lisa Schirch , Research Professor
Gregory Koop , Assistant Professor of Psychology
Elaine Zook Barge , Ass't Professor of the Practice of Trauma Awareness and Resilience
Nancy R. Heisey , Professor of biblical studies and associate seminary dean
Jerry Holsopple , Professor of Visual & Communication Arts
Jenni Holsinger , Associate Professor of Sociology
Irma H. Mahone , Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing
Mark Metzler Sawin , Professor of History & Honors director
Carol Snell-Feikema , Instructor of Spanish
Stephen Cessna , Professor of Biochemistry
David Brubaker , Associate Professor of Organizational Studies
James R. Bomberger , Professor Emeritus of English
Jim Yoder , Professor of Biology
Mary S. Sprunger , Professor and Chair of the History Department
Judy H. Mullet , Professor of Psychology
Stephen Kriss , Associate Director of Pastoral Studies @ Lancaster
Laura A. G. Yoder , Associate Professor of Nursing
Violet A Dutcher , Professor
Cyndi Gusler , Professor
Douglas Graber Neufeld , Professor of Biology
Linford Stutzman , Professor of Culture and Mission
Don Tyson , Professor of Nursing
Margo McIntire , Coordinator, Adult Degree Completion Program
Cathy Smeltzer Erb , Chair and Professor of Teacher Education
Kathy Fisher , ESL Lecturer
Linda W. Gnagey , Director, Academic Success Center
Jenny Wagner , ESL Lecturer
Andrew G. Suderman , Lecturer in Theology, Peace, and Mission
Eastern Nazarene College
Bill McCoy , Professor of History
Vicki Schow , Assistant Professor, Social Sciences Program
Matthew Waterman , Professor of Biology
Pierre-Richard Cornely , Science and Technology Division Chair
Stephanie Flaherty , Assistant Professor of Practice, Social Work Program
Eastern University
Chris Micklewright , Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Sara Miles , Founding Dean Emerita of Esperanza College
David Linwood Wilcox , Emeritus Professor of Biology
Yolanda Turner , Associate Professor, Psychology
Tara Stoppa , Co-Chair/Associate Professor of Psychology
Nancy C. Thomas , Professor Emeritus of English
Julie Morgan , Professor, Communication Studies
Randolph Walters , Associate Professor of Graduate Counseling and Psychology
Wendy L. Mercier , Associate Professor of Exercise Science & Nursing, Departments of Kinesiology & Biology
Sharon Gramby-Sobukwe , Associate Professor and Chair, Political Science
Douglas E. Trimble , Associate Professor of Psychology
Julie Cowen , Adjunct Professor, Director of First-Year Seminar Courses
Calenthia Dowdy , Associate Professor
Rebecca Gidjunis , Senior Lecturer & Director of Writing Across the Curriculum
Sandra Bauer , Associate Professor of Social Work
John Pauley , Professor of Communication Studies, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Heewon Chang , professor and chair
Drick Boyd , Professor of Urban & Interdisciplinary Studies
Kathy Hastings , Associate Professor of Education
Erskine College
Tiffany Hayden , Associate Professor of Chemistry
Florida State University
John Schwenkler , Associate Professor of Philosophy
Fordham University
Terrence W. Tilley , Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J., Professor of Catholic Theology
Michael E. Lee , Associate Professor of Theology
Amy Seymour , Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Freed-Hardeman University
Corey J. Markum , Assistant Professor of History
Kenan Casey , Associate Professor of Computer Science
Brandyn Graves , Assistant Professor of Theatre
Fresno Pacific University
Bret Kincaid , Associate Professor of Political Science
Pamela Delia Johnston , Associate Professor, Classics and History
Ronald Herms , Dean, School of Humanities, Religion, and Social Sciences
Walter B Saul II , Professor of Music
Melanie Howard , Assistant Professor of Biblical and Religious Studies
Catherine Peck , Assistant Professor, School of Business
W. Marshall johnston , Ancient History and Classics
Quentin P Kinnison , Chair and Associate Professor, Biblical & Religious Studies Division
Julia K Reimer , Associate Professor of Theater
Kenneth Martens Friesen , Associate Professor of Political Science and History
Elizabeth Lake , Associate Professor of Psychology
Jay Pope , Associate Professor of Psychology
Dieter Wulfhorst , Associate Professor of Music
Lisa Keith , Assistant Professor of Special Education
Donna Callahan , Associate professor of Social Work
Daniel R. Larson , Assisstant Professor of Literature
Michael Kunz , Professor of Biology
Mark D. Baker , Professor of Mission and Theology
Darren Duerksen , Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies
Doug Bartsch , Director of Teacher Education and Administrative Services
Kevin S. Reimer , Professor of Education
Sandie Woods , Assistant Professor and Program Director, Liberal Studies
Peter Smith , Assistant Professor of Peacemaking & Conflict Studies
Fran Martens Friesen , Assistant Professor of English
Andrew T. Sensenig , Assistant Professor of Biology
Larry A. Dunn , Professor of Peacemaking and Conflict Studies
Greg A. Camp , Professor of Biblical and Religious Studies
Ray Nickson , Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Tim Neufeld , Professor of Biblical and Religious Studies
Jon Clark , Assistant Professor of Social Work
David Bruce Rose , Associate Professor
Tom E Jones , Lecturer, Extended Education Department Independent Study
Fuller Theological Seminary
Tommy Givens , Assistant Professor of New Testament Studies
Cynthia B. Eriksson , Associate Professor of Psychology
Sung H. Kim , Associate Professor of Psychology
Al Dueck , Professor of Cultural Psychologies
Jeffrey P. Bjorck , Professor of Psychology
Jenny H. Pak , Associate Professor, School of Psychology
Migum Gweon , Director of Clinical Training, Dept of Marriage & Family, School of Psychology
Anne Nolty , Assistant Professor of Psychology
Laura R Harbert , Affiliate Professor of Clinical Psychology
Steven Toshio Yamaguchi , Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology
Joel B. Green , Dean of the School of Theology & Professor of New Testament Interpretation
Kurt Fredrickson , Associate Dean. Doctor of Ministry
Michael McNichols , Affiliate Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies
David H. Scott , Asst. Prof. of Intercultural Studies and Children at Risk
Erin Dufault-Hunter , Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics
Susan Maros , Affiliate Associate Professor of Leadership
Dale S. Ryan , Associate Professor of Recovery Ministry
Benjamin Houltberg , Associate Professor of Human Development
Pascal Bazzell , Affiliate Associate Professor of Intercultural Theology and Mission Studies
Daniel D. Lee , Director of Asian American Center and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Asian American Ministry
Ken Uyeda Fong , Affilliate Adjunct Professor of Asian American Church Studies
Jeff M. Liou , Adjunct Faculty
Steven Argue , Assistant Professor, Youth, Family, Culture
Joy J Moore , Assistant Professor of Preaching
Love Sechrest , Associate Professor of New Testament
John Clay Bangs , Affiliate Associate Professor of Ministry & Spirituality, Fuller Northwest Regional Campus Director
Mark Lau Branson , Professor
Furman University
J. Aaron Simmons , Associate Professor of Philosophy
Gardner-Webb University
Steven R. Harmon , Visiting Associate Professor of Historical Theology, School of Divinity
Geneva College
Robert M. Frazier , Professor of Philosophy
Dr. Ann Paton , ret.
George Fox University
Davida J. Ankeny Brown , Associate Professor of Chemistry
R. Anderson Campbell , Assistant Professor of Christian Studies
Matthew R. Stump , Assistant Professor of Biology
Carol Sherwood , Assistant Professor of Nursing (retired)
Steve Sherwood , Associate Professor of Christian Ministries
Laura Simmons , Professor of Christian Ministries, Portland Seminary
Charles Kamilos , Senior Librarian
Anna A. Berardi , Professor of Marriage & Family Therapy; Trauma Response Institute Director
Melanie Springer Mock , Professor of English
Cherice Bock , Adjunct Faculty, Christian Earthkeeping
Laura Hartley , Dean of Arts & Sciences
Benjamin L. Hartley , Associate Professor of Christian Mission
Christy Austin , Assistant Professor
Steven Classen , Professor and Chair, Dept of Communication, Journalism & Cinematic Arts
Martha Iancu , Associate Professor Emerita of English as a Second Language
Gary L. Tandy , Professor and Chair, Department of English and Theatre
Susan L. O’Donnell , Associate Professor of Psychology
Shannon Scott , Associate Professor
Georgetown University
Julia A. Lamm , Professor of Theology
Carol Taylor , Professor of Medicine and Nursing
Mark C. Murphy , McDevitt Professor of Religious Philosophy
Daniel A. Madigan SJ , Ruesch Family Associate Professor
A. R. DelDonna , Professor of Music
Peter C. Phan
Elzbieta Gozdziak , Research Professor
Astrid Weigert , Teaching Professor
Joseph A. McCartin , Professor
William Werpehowski , McDevitt Professor of Catholic Theology
Gordon College
Mark Gedney , Professor of Philosophy
Steven A. Hunt , Professor of New Testament
Norman Jones , Professor of Theatre Arts
Pilar Pérez Serrano , Associate Professor of Spanish
Irvin J. Levy , Professor of Chemistry
Daniel Johnson , Professor of Sociology
Richard Stout , Professor of Mathematics
Grace Chiou , Asst. Professor, Communication Arts
Ruth Melkonian-Hoover , Professor of Political Science
Clifford Hersey , Associate Professor
Scott Barnett , Director of W.I.L.D. Semester
Carter Crockett , Director, Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership
Nicholas Rowe , Associate Professor of History and Peace Studies
Dorothy Boorse , Professor of Biology
Jennifer West , Assistant Professor of English
Kerilyn Harkaway-Krieger , Assistant Professor of English
Jessica Modaff , Instructor in Music
Jessica Dawn Ventura , Assistant Professor of Kinesiology
William Franson , Adjunct Professor of Art
Goshen College
John D. Roth , Prof. of History
Eric Bradley , Librarian
Paul Keim , Professor
Regina Shands Stoltzfus , Assistant Professor of Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies
Justin Heinzekehr , Director of Institutional Research & Assistant Professor of Bible and Religion
Keith Graber Miller , Professor of Bible, Religion and Philosophy
Jeanne Liechty , Professor of Social Worjk
Joseph Liechty , Professor of Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies
Carolyn Schrock-Shenk , Associate Professor of Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies
Kendra Yoder , Associate Professor of Social Work
Victor Koop , Professor emeritus, Psychology
Grace College & Seminary
Jared Burkholder , Chair and Associate Professor, Department of History and Political Science
Lauren Rich , Chair of Languages, Literature, and Communication Dept., and Assistant Prof. of English
Aaron Crabtree , Dean, Student Affairs
Deb Musser , Health & Counseling Director; Part-Time Instructor
Grand Canyon University
Shawn Bawulski , Assistant Professor of Theology
Brian Koning , Adjunct Faculty
Ryan A. Brandt , Instructor of Christian History and Theology
Grove City College
Daniel S. Brown , Professor
Heather Barton , Assistant Professor
Warren Throckmorton , Professor of Psychology
Hardin-Simmons University
Myles Werntz , Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics and Practical Theology
Teresa C. Ellis , Professor and Theological Librarian
Robert R Ellis , Assoc. Dean for Academics at Logsdon Seminary and Phillips Professor of OT and Hebrew
Rick L. Hammer , Associate Professor of Biology
Hope College
Charles W. Green , Professor of Psychology
Dave Van Wylen , Dean for Natural and Applied Sciences
Lee Forester , Professor of German
Jeanne Petit , Professor of History
Charles Cusack , Associate Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics
Lindsey Root Luna , Assistant Professor of Psychology
Darin Stephenson , Professor of Mathematics
Janet E. Weeda , Assistant Professor Nursing
Barry Bandstra , Professor of Religion
Steven D. Hoogerwerf , Associate Professor of Religion
Linda Clark , Lecturer in English
William Moreau , Associate Professor of English
Kathleen Verduin , Professor of English
Linda Strouf , Assistant Professor of Music
Natalie Dykstra , Professor of English
Katharine Vance , Adjunct Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Daniel Woolsey , Associate Professor of Spanish
William Pannapacker , DuMez Professor of English
Mike Jipping , Professor of Computer Science
Nancy L. Cook , Professor of Education
Curtis Gruenler , Professor of English
Anthony N. Perovich , Professor of Philosophy
Paul Pearson , Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Jennifer Wolfe , Assistant Professor of Music
Steven McMullen , Associate Professor of Economics
Roger Nemeth , Professor of Sociology
Derek W. Taylor , Director of Emmaus Scholars Program, Instructor of Christian Ministry
Robert Kenagy , Assistant Professor of English
Fonda Green , Director of CASA
Jack Mulder, Jr. , Associate Professor of Philosophy
Jill VanderStoep , Adjunct Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Deirdre D. Johnston , Professor of Communication
Peter J. Schakel , Professor of English
Daryl R. Van Tongeren , Assistant Professor of Psychology
Gerald Griffin , Assistant Professor
Jane Rath Dickie , Professor Emerita of Psychology & Women's and Gender Studies
Katharine Polasek , Associate Professor of Engineering
John D. Cox , DuMez Professor of English Emeritus
Brenda Vander Meulen , Guest Lecturer
Carrie Bredow , Assistant Professor of Psychology
Karl Hoesch , Assistant Director of Admissions and International Recruitment
Alyssa Cheadle , Assistant Professor of Psychology
David Myers , Professor of Psychology
Priscilla Atkins , Librarian Emerita
Margaret Frens , Assistant Professor
Scott VanderStoep , Dean for Social Sciences
Steven Bouma-Prediger , Professor of Religion
Kelly Jacobsma , Dean of Libraries
Todd J. Wiebe , Librarian/Associate Professor
Victoria E. Longfield , Assistant Professor, Digital Liberal Arts Librarian
Amy Freehafer , Career Counselor
Jenifer Holman , Electronic Services Librarian/Associate Professor
Jennifer Hampton , Associate Professor of Physics
Thomas Lee Bultman , Professor of Biology
Thomas R. Arendshorst , Adjunct Professor
Jonathan Hagood , Associate Professor of History and Director of the Senior Seminar Program
Pamela Ray Koch , Associate Professor of Sociology
Daina Robins , Chair, Theatre Department
Yolanda Vega , Director, Phelps Scholars Program/Assistant Professor, Education
Amy Otis-De Grau , Senior Director, Center for Global Engagement
Charlotte vanOyen Witvliet , Professor of Psychology
Lauren Janes , Assistant Professor of History
Matthew DeJongh , Professor
Houston Baptist University
Curtis Henderson , Professor of Biology
Mary E. Osterloh , Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Brenda Whaley , Professor of Biology
Russell Minick , Adjunct Professor
Howard Payne University
Derek C. Hatch , Associate Professor of Christian Studies
Huntington University
Herbert Jack Heller , Associate Professor of English
Jeffrey Webb , Professor of History
Kevin Miller , Professor of Communication
Jay Duffer , Associate Professor of Theatre
Norris Friesen
Jeff Lehman , Professor of Computer Science
Rebecca Coffman , Professor of Art and Design
Bryan Ballinger , Professor
David E Alexander , Associate Professor of Philosophy
Carla MacDonald , Associate Professor of Social Work
Matthew Webb , Instructor of Film Production
Adam Widener , Visiting Instructor of Broadcast Media
Steve Pozezanac
J. Stephan Leeper , Associate Professor of Animation
Raquel Martinez , Graphic Designer for University Relations
Susan J. Boyer , Associate Professor of Education
Rebekah Benjamin , Assistant Professor of Psychology
Danielle Shafer , Resident Director
Illinois State University
Mary Elaine Califf , Associate Professor
Indiana Wesleyan University
Mark R Perry , Associate Professor of Communication and Theatre
Greg Fiebig , Professor of Communication and Theatre
Scott R. Burson , Associate Professor of Philosophical Theology
Norman Glen Wilson , Professor of Global Ministries and Intercultural Studies
Brian Nelson Fry , Professor of Sociology
Douglas A Daugherty , Professor of Addictions Counseling/Psychology
John Arden McCracken , Professor of Teacher Education
Tim Steenbergh , Professor of Psychology
David Riggs , Associate Professor of Humanities
Lenny Luchetti , Associate Professor of Proclamation and Christian Ministry
Erin Devers
Anne Bruehler , Assistant Professor of TESOL
Judy H. Crossman , Professor of Pastoral Counseling
Warren F. Rogers , Professor of Physics and Blanchard Chair
Katie Karnehm , Dr. Katie Karnehm-Esh, Associate Professor of English
Rusty Hawkins , Associate Professor of Humanities and History
Smriti Lena Crouso , Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies
Kayla Crouso , Theology Teaching Fellow
Kenneth Schenck , Interim Dean, School of Theology and Ministry
Muchun Yin , Associate Professor of TESOL
Joe Hoffert , Associate Professor of Computer Science
Kendra Hoffert , Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Therapy
International Theological Seminary
Mel Loucks , Professor of Systematic & Historical Theology
James Madison University
Michael L Deaton , Professor - Integrated Science and Technology
John Brown University
James Bradley Gambill
Jacob Stratman , Associate Professor of English
Jessica Hooten Wilson , Associate Professor of Literature
Ivan Iglesias , Associate Professor of Spanish
Daniel Bennett , Assistant Professor of Political Science
Trisha Posey , Director, Honors Scholars Program
Melissa Hall , Associate Professor of Family and Human Services
Rebecca J. Lambert , Dean of Academic Services & Registrar
David H. Vila , Professor of Religion and Philosophy
Aminta Arrington , Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies
Johnson University
Cathy Headley , Associate Professor
Darrell Thomas Cosden , Professor of Theological Studies
Alicia Crumpton , Professor of Leadership
Judson University
Peter Sandberg , Professor of Math and Physics
Michael C. McKeever , Chair and Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies
Robert E Wallace , Professor of Biblical Studies
Jim Halverson , Professor of History
Lanette Poteete-Young , Dean of the School of Liberal Arts, Sciences and Education
King University
Shannon Vance Harris , Associate Professor of History and Director, King Institute of Faith and Culture
Han Chuan Ong , Dean of Arts & Sciences
Erin M. Kingsley , Assistant Professor of English
Laura Ong , Assistant Professor of Biology
Keri-Lynn Paulson , Electronic Resources Librarian
Jennifer Mongold , Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
La Sierra University
Leslie R Martin , Professor of Psychology
Sasha Ross , Acting Director, Women's Resource Center
Carlos Parra, PhD , Professor of Spanish, Chair World Languages Department
Carlos Parra, , Professor of Spanish, Chair World Languages Department
Paul Mallery , Professor of Psychology
Lancaster Theological Seminary
Rev. Dr. Galen E. Russell III , Field Education Site Supervisor
Lee University
Carolyn Dirksen , Professor of English, Director of Faculty Development
Andrea Dismukes , Professor of Music
Arlie Tagayuna , Assistant Professor
Rolando Cuellar , Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies
Nathan Warner , Assistant Professor of Trumpet and Music Business
McKenzie Anne Stephens
Jared Wielfaert , Associate Professor of Humanities
Catherine Mantooth , senior lecturer
J Matthew Melton , Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Jose D. Minay , Associate Professor
Tony Deaton , Associate Professor - Performance Studies in Vocal Music
Hermilo Jasso, Jr , Associate Professor of Business
David Broersma , Associate Professor of Linguistics & TESOL
Mary W. McCampbell , Associate Professor of Humanities
Katherine L. Carlson , Assistant Professor of English
Lisa Milligan Long , Associate Professor of Christian Formation
Mary Mathias Dickerson , Assistant Professor of Art
Rachel Reneslacis , Professor, Language and Literature
Bennett Mallory Judkins , Adjunct Faculty
Lenoir-Rhyne University
Mindy Makant , Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
Ginger Barfield , Professor of Theology
Devon Fisher , Associate Professor of English
Paul A. Custer , Professor of History
David C Ratke , Dean, College of Theology
Jonathan Schwiebert , Associate Professor of Religious Studies
LeTourneau University
Jesse David Sharpe , Assistant Professor of English
Steven Ball , Professor of Physics
Los Medanos College
Julie Ashmore , Adjunct Professor
Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Shannon Craigo-Snell , Professor of Theology
Rollin Tarter , Adjunct Faculty
Loyola Marymount University
Sarah Strand , Associate Professor, Health and Human Sciences
Loyola University Chicago
Susan A. Ross , Professor
Emily Cain , Assistant Professor of Historical Theology
Jon Nilson , Professor Emeritus of Theology
Douglas E. Anderson , Professor, Neurological Surgery
Kristen Irwin , Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Loyola University Maryland
Rebekah Eklund , Assistant Professor of Theology
Luther Seminary
Mary E. Hess , Professor of Educational Leadership
Lois Malcolm , Professor of Systematic Theology
Malone University
Jay R. Case , Professor of History
Jason Moyer , Assistant Professor, Communication Arts
Jane Hoyt-Oliver , Professor of Social Work
Scott Waalkes , Professor of International Politics
Elizabeth Patterson Roe , Associate Professor of Social Work
Jacalynn J. Stuckey , Professor of History
Kathryn Huisinga , Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Honors Program Co-Director
Matthew P. Phelps , Professor of Psychology
Mannagawd University
Hugh Jass , Academic Dean
Marquette University
Jame Schaefer , Associate Professor of Theology
Robert Doran, S.J. , Professor of Theology
Robert Masson , Professor of Theology
Dan Maguire
Jeanne-Nicole Mellon Saint-Laurent , Asst. Professor
David G. Schultenover, S.J. , Henri de Lubac Professor of Historical Theology
Conor M. Kelly , Assistant Professor
Mercer University
David P. Gushee , Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics & Director of the Center for Theology and Public Life
Paul Lewis , Professor of Religion
William Loyd Allen , Professor of Church History and Spiritual Formation
Christopher T. Holmes , Visiting Assistant Professor of New Testament
Robert N. Nash, Jr. , Professor of Mission and Comparative Religion
Nancy L. deClaisse-Walford , Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Languages
Messiah College
Erik D. Lindquist , Professor of Biology & Environmental Science
Dwight W. Thomas , Associate Professor (retire)
Beth Transue , Librarian
Melinda Burchard, Ph.D. , Associate Professor of Special Education
John Fea , Professor of American History and Chair, History Dept.
Matthew Roth , Professor of English
Samuel P. Wilcock , Professor of Statistics and Chair, Department of Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics
Dottie Weigel , Assistant Professor of Higher Education
Joseph P. Huffman , Professor of History
Beth L. Mark , Librarian Emeritus
Lawrie Merz , Librarian
Elizabeth Kielley , Librarian
Jonathan D. Lauer , Library Director
Kathy T. Hettinga , Professor of Art and Design, Chair of Gender Concerns Committee
Kim Yunez , Professor of Spanish
Margaret E. Ramey , Associate Professor of Biblical Studies
David Weaver-Zercher , Professor of American Religious History
Chad Frey , Community Engagement Liaison
Neryamn Rivera Nieves , Assistant Director of Multicultural Scholarship Programs
Melissa Mendez , Technical Director of Theatre Dept
Methodist Theological School in Ohio
Bill Casto, , Emeritus Professor of Church Administration
Ethel Johnson , Emeritus Professor of Church Administration
Bradford Price , Fully Affiliated Associate Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling
Valerie Bridgeman , Associate Professor, Homiletics & Hebrew Bible
Edward Meyer , Emeritus Professor of Homiletics
Milligan College
Shauna L Nefos Webb , Assistant Professor of Counseling and Psychology
Todd Edmondson , Assistant Professor of Humanities and Composition
Missouri Baptist University
Julie Ooms , Assistant Professor of English
Montreat College
Don W. King , Professor of English and Faculty Fellow
Nate King , Information Technology Services Librarian
Elizabeth Pearson , Library Director
Corrie Greene , Adjunct Professor of English
Shane Kamer , Assistant Professor Exercise Science CSCS
Brad Daniel , Professor of Outdoor Education and Environmental Science
Keri Boer , Director of Records and Registration and Adjunct Instructor
Isaac Owolabi , Professor of Business
Wilma Gray , Psychology and Human Services Adjunct
Sara Thielman , Adjunct Composition Instructor
Charles A. Lance , Adjunct Instructor, Psychology and Human Services
Dorothea Kunz Shuman , Professor of Outdoor and Environmental Education
Benjamin Brandenburg , Assistant Professor of History
David Taylor
Jessica R. Langston , Coordinator of Career & Academic Success
Matt Langston , Director of Montreat Audio Production Program; Instructor of Music Production
Moody Bible Institute
Craig Steven Hendrickson , Assistant Professor of Pastoral Studies
Clive Eric Craigen , Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies
Kyeong Sook Park , Professor of Intercultural Studies
Mount Mercy University
Isaiah Corbin , Director, Project Connect
Mary Vermillion , Professor of English
Eden Wales Freedman , Assistant Professor of English
Mount St. Mary's University
Charles Strauss , Assistant Professor of History
Multnomah University
Greg W Burch , Associate Professor of Global Studies
Brad Harper , Professor of Theology
Karen Fancher , Assistant Professor of Global Studies/Global Development and Justice Studies
Rob Hildebrand , Practical Theology Division Chair
Paul Louis Metzger , Professor of Christian Theology & Theology of Culture
Leah Wheeler , Global Development and Justice
New College Berkeley
Bonnie G Howe , Affiliated Professor of Ethics and Biblical Studies
North Greenville University
Paul D. Yandle , Assistant Professor
North Park Theological Seminary
David W Kersten , Dean, North Park Theological Seminary
Michelle Clifton-Soderstrom , Professor of Theology & Ethics
Max Lee , Associate Professor of New Testament
Soong-Chan Rah , Professor of Church Growth and Evangelism
Debra R. Auger , dean of students, associate professor of ministry
Hauna Ondrey , Assistant Professor of Church History
Timothy L. Johnson , Professor of Ministry
Paul H. de Neui , Professor of Missiology and Intercultural Studies
Mary Chase-Ziolek , Professor of Health Ministries and Nursing
Stephen Chester , Professor of New Testament
Amy Oxendale-Imig , Director of Seminary Recruitment and Admission
Alexandria Macias , Director of Academic Programming
Rob Peterson , Director of John Weborg Center for Spiritual Direction
Emily Wagner , Associate Director of Student Services
Armida Belmonte Stephens , Theology Teaching Fellow
David Bjorlin , Teaching Fellow of Music and Worship
Vickie Reddy , Assistant Director, School of Restorative Arts
Baily Warman , Director of Admissions
DJ Crosby , Seminary Academic Support Coordinator & Thriving in Ministry Grant Manager
Dr. Brittany Kim , Adjunct Professor
Brittany Kim , Adjunct Professor
Obed Manwatkar , Adjunct Professor
Rev. Dr. Sara-Jane Sosa , Adjunct Professor
Jessica Beystrum
Al Tizon , Affiliate Associate Professor of Missional and Global Leadership
William Andrews , Lecturer
Luke Palmerlee , Seminary Administrative Manager
North Park University
Liza Ann Acosta , University Dean, Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Gregor Thuswaldner , Dean of Arts & Sciences, Professor of Humanities
Marijean Sahyouni , Office Manager/Co-instructor; School of Music, Art & Theatre
Stephen Kelly , Adjunct Professor of Music
Catherine Marsh , Professor of Business and Nonprofit Management
Patricia H Hurley , Assistant Professor of Information Literacy
Daniel White Hodge , Associate Professor of Youth Ministry & Director of The Center For Youth Ministry Studies
Rachelle Ankney , Professor of Mathematics
Karl Clifton-Soderstrom , Professor of Philosophy
Allison Crino , Global Partnerships Coordinator
Mary Chase-Ziolek , Professor of Health Ministries and Nursing
Nancy Arnesen , Professor of English
Ilsup Ahn , Professor of Philosophy
Susan A. Rabe , Professor of History
Karla M. Fogel , Professor of Nursing, retired
Suzen Moeller , Associate Professor of Nursing for Health Sciences
Greta Hirt Rosenberger , Project Manager, Center for Scandinavian Studies
Michael J. DeVries
Stephen R Spencer , Theological & Cataloging Librarian
Matthew Ostercamp , Library Director, Brandel Library
Mary Veeneman , Associate Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies
Gregory A Clark , Professor
Charles I Peterson , Dean Emeritus
Chad Eric Bergman , Professor of Theatre
Linda J Craft , Professor, Spanish and Latin American Literature
Rev. Dr. Bret M Widman , Chair, Christian Studies Department
Joe Lill , Professor of Music
Dennis Bricault , Professor of Spanish
Carolyn Poterek , Assistant Professor of Education
Rajkumar Boaz Johnson , Professor of Hebrew Bible and Theological Studies
Northwest Nazarene University
Gene Schandorff , Chaplain Emeritus
Kathryn Burns , Assistant Professor (retired)
Northwest University
Christine Helmer , Professor of German and Religious Studies
Forrest Inslee , Professor of Global Studies
Northwestern College
Douglas Firth Anderson , Professor Emeritus of History, Archivist
Mike Kugler , Professor, History
Jeff VanDerWerff , Dean of the Social Sciences & Professor of Political Science and Public Life
Kevin McMahan , Assoc. Dean, Intercultural Development
Sara Sybesma Tolsma , Professor of Biology
Jason Lief
Dr. Valerie Stokes, LISW , Associate Professor of Social Work
Christopher Nonhof , Instructor of Education
Michael L. Yoder , Emeritus Professor of Sociology
Laird R. O. Edman , Professor of Psychology
Nyack College
Lyndell O’Hara , Professor of History
Vilma “Nina” Balmaceda , Professor of Political Science
Oklahoma Baptist University
Craig Walker , Professor of Economics
Oklahoma Christian University
Amanda J. Nichols , Professor of Chemistry
Olivet Nazarene University
Paul R. Koch , Professor of Economics
Daniel R. Sharda , Associate Professor of Biology
Derek W. Rosenberger , Assistant Professor of Biology
Erik C. Young , Adjunct Professor of Old Testament
Brian Stipp , Assistant Professor of Education
Lance Kilpatrick , Assistant Professor of Education
Mary Beth Koszut , Assistant Professor of Art
Ryan Himes , Assistant Professor of Biology
Elizabeth (Lisa) A. Gassin , Professor of Psychology
Alison Young Reusser , Assistant Professor of Psychology
Aggie Veld , Associate Professor
Mike Pyle , Professor and Chair, Department of Biology
Justin Brown , Associate Professor of Mathematics
Elizabeth (Elyse) Lamszus , Assistant Professor of English
Oral Roberts University
John Korstad , Professor of Biology
Hal C. Reed , Professor of Biology
Palm Beach Atlantic University
Sam Joeckel , Professor of English
Katherine Cooper Wyma , Part-time Assistant Professor of English
Andrea Dyben-Tackore , Assistant Professor of Counseling
Pentecostal Theological Seminary
Richard E. Waldrop , Adjunct Professor of World Mission and Evangelism
Cheryl Bridges Johns , Professor
Pepperdine University
Lauren Amaro , Assistant Professor of Communication
Tanya Hart , Associate Professor, History
Roshawnda A. Derrick , Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies
Jane Kelley Rodeheffer , Fletcher Jones Chair of Great Books
Christopher Heard , Associate Professor of Religion
Steven V. Rouse , Professor of Psychology and Divisional Dean, Social Sciences
Maire Mullins , Professor of English
J. A. T. Smith , Assistant Professor of English
Craig Detweiler , Professor of Communication
J. Christopher Soper , Distinguished Professor of Political Science
Regan Harwell Schaffer , Professor of Management and Organizational Behavior
Janet Trammell , Assistant Professor of Psychology
Paul J. Contino , Professor of Great Books
Ken Waters , Professor of Journalism
Stewart Davenport , Associate Professor of American History
David Lemley , Assistant Professor of Religion
Emily Scott-Lowe , Director of Social Work
Bert Ballard , Associate Professor of Communication
Don Shores , Professor of Communication
Phillips Theological Seminary
Rev. Dr. Lisa W. Davison , Johnnie Eargle Cadieux Professor of Hebrew Bible
Susanna Weslie Southard , Instructor in Ministry Studies and Chaplain
Point Loma Nazarene University
Stephen Goforth , Professor of Journalism
Dr Alain Lescart , Professor
Bettina Tate Pedersen , Professor of Literature and Women’s Studies
Rebecca J Flietstra , Professor of Biology
Denise Nelson , Professor; Director of Ryan Library
Dr. Carol Snodgrass Blessing , Professor Emeritus of Literature and Women’s Studies
Katie Manning , Professor of Writing
Robert Gailey , Professor of Business and Director, Center for International Development
Michael Mooring , Professor of Biology
Rebecca Laird , Professor of Practical Theology
Dawne Page , Professor and Chair of Biology
Brenda Martin , Adjunct Piano Professor
Julie Sweeney , Assistant Professor, Instructional Services Librarian
Margarita Pintado , Associate Professor
Jamie Gates , Professor of Cultural Anthropology
April Maskiewicz Cordero , Professor of Biology
Kara Lyons-Pardue , Professor of New Testament
Marc C Perry , Professor of Chemistry
Brad Kelle , Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew
Paul R. Bassett , Professor of Theatre Emeritus
Michael Lodahl , Professor of Theology & World Religions
Jimiliz Valiente-Neighbours , Associate Professor of Sociology, Social Work, and Family Sciences
Robin D. Lang , Assistant Professor, Instructional Services Librarian
Karl Martin , Professor
Pat Leslie , Ph. D, Social Work Program Director
Heidi R. Woelbern , Associate Professor of Biology
Mike Dorrell , Professor of biology
Brandon Sawyer , Professor of Kinesiology and Biology
Kristopher J. Koudelka , Professor of Biology
Kerri L Sevenbergen , Professor & Lab Manager of Biology
Walter Cho , Professor of Biology
Danielle C Cervantes , Adjunct Professor of Journalism & Literature
Samuel M Powell , Professor of Philosophy and Religion
Princeton Theological Seminary
Bruce Lindley McCormack , Charles Hodge Professor of Systematic Theology
George Hunsinger , Professor of Theology
Gerald Liu , Assistant Professor of Worship & Preaching
James F. Kay , Joe R. Engle Professor of Homiletics and Liturgics
James Deming , Associate Professor of Church History
Mark S. Smith , Helena Professor of Old Testament Literature and Exegesis
Richard R. Osmer , Ralph B. and Helen S. Ashenfelter Professor of Mission and Evangelism.
Deborah van Deusen Hunsinger , Charlotte W. Newcombe Professor of Pastoral Theology
Jacqueline Lapsley , Associate Professor of Old Testament
Dennis Olson , Charles Haley Professor of Old Testament Theology
John R. Bowlin , Associate Professor of Philosophy and Christian Ethics
Nancy J. Duff , Associate Prof. of Christian Ethics
Gordon Graham , Professor of Philosophy and the Arts
Gordon S. Mikoski , Associate Professor of Christian Education
Mark Lewis Taylor , Professor of Theology and Culture
James H. Moorhead , Professor of American Church History
Paul,Rorem , Professor
Lisa Bowens , Assistant Professor of New Testament
Kenda Creasy Dean , Mary D. Synnott Professor of Youth, Church and Culture
Eric D. Barreto , Weyerhaeuser Associate Professor of New Testament
Sally A. Brown , Associate Professor of Preaching and Worship
Richasrd Fox Young , Associate Professor, History of Religions
Elsie Anne McKee , Professor of Reformation Studies and the History of Worship
Bo Karen Lee , Associate Professor of Spiritual Theology and Christian Formation
Charles Erdman , Retired Professor
See MoreButts , Retired
Providence Theological Seminary
Angelle Arinobu , Assistant Professor of Counselling Psychology
Patrick S. Franklin , Associate Professor of Theology & Ethics
Providence University College
Nicholas P. Greco , Associate Professor, Communications and Media
Hendrik van der Breggen , Associate Professor of Philosophy
Rebecca Dielschneider , Assistant Professor of Biology
Regent University
Kimberly Ervin Alexander , Associate Professor, School of Divinity
Rockhurst University
Cheryl McConnell , Dean, Helzberg School of Management
Joanna Carraway Vitiello , Associate Professor of History
Laura Fitzpatrick , Professor of Economics
Rollins College
Jonathan H. Harwell , Head of Collections & Systems
Sacred Heart University
Peter Gavin Ferriby , University Librarian
Brian Stiltner , Professor of Theology and Religious Studies
Sandra Young , Associate Professor of English
Saint Joseph's University
James F. Caccamo , Associate Professor of Christian Social Ethics and Chair, Department of Theology and Religious Studies
Saint Louis University
Tobias Winright , Maeder Endowed Chair of Health Care Ethics & Associate Professor of Theological Ethics
Craig A. Boyd , Professor of Philosophy
Saint Paul School of Theology
James M. Brandt , Professor of Historical Theology
Sam Houston State University
Ken W Smith , Professor of Mathematics
Craig Henderson , Professor of Psychology
Susan E. Henderson , Assistant Professor of Counselor Education
Diane Stoebner-May , Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychology
Amanda Venta , Assistant Professor of Psychology
Hillary A. Langley , Assistant Professor of Psychology
Samford University
Ken Stoltzfus , Professor and Chair, Department of Social Work
Dennis Sansom , Professor of Pholosophy
Joseph Cory , Associate Professor of Art and Design
David R. Bains , S. Louis and Ann W. Armstrong Professor of Religion
Lori Northrup , Librarian
Seattle Pacific University
Matthew A. Benton , Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Bo H. Lim , University Chaplain
Denise Daniels , Professor of Management
Ruth M. Ediger , Associate Professor of Political Science
Randal S Franz , Professor of Management
Susan VanZanten , Professor of English
Janet Bester-Meredith , Associate Professor of Biology
April Middeljans , Assistant Professor of English
Timothy A. Nelson , Professor of Biology and Director, Blakely Island Field Station
Jennifer McKinney , Professor of Sociology
Cynthia Strong , Librarian
Bomin Shim , Associate Professor of Nursing
Kirsten Koetje , School of Education Faculty
Greg Fritzberg , Professor of Education
Kathleen Braden , Professor Emerita of Geography
Daniel Castelo , Professor of Dogmatic and Constructive Theology
Andrew Ryder , Professor and Chair of Theatre
Lezlie Salvatore DeWater , Assistant Professor of Physics
Laura Holmes , Assistant Professor of New Testament
David Diekema , Associate Professor of Sociology
David R. Nienhuis , Professor of New Testament Studies
Debbie Pope , Assistant Professor of Communication
Debra Sequeira , Professor and Dean of Arts & Humanities
Kevin Neuhouser , Professor of Sociology
Stamatis Vokos , Professor of Physics (formerly at SPU)
Peter Wayne Moe , Assistant Professor of English
Emily Huff , Clinical Faculty in the School of Education
June Hyun , Associate Professor
David Wicks , Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction
Eric S. Long , Professor of Biology
Robbin O’Leary , Professor of Mathematics
Shannon Nicole Smythe , Assistant Professor of Theological Studies
David Leong , Associate Professor of Missiology
Sara M. Koenig , Associate Professor of Biblical Studies
Traynor Hansen , Instructor of Writing
Paul R. Yost , Associate Professor, Industrial-Organizational Psychology
George A. Scranton , Professor Emeritus of Theatre
Julie Antilla , Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction
Scott Beers , Associate Professor, Education
Beth Miller , Assistant Professor
Kristine Gritter , Associate Professor, Literacy, Curriculum & Instruction
Donald Holsinger , Professor of History
Michelle Beauclair , Associate Professor of French
Charity Osborn , Assistant Professor of Business Law
Cynthia Price , Vice Provost for Academic Affairs & Associate Professor of Sociology
Michael S. Hamilton , Professor of History
M.E. (Peg) Achterman , Assistant Professor of Communication & Journalism
Jenny Tenlen , Assistant Professor of Biology
Katherine Nesse , Assistant Professor of Urban Studies
Michael D. Roe , Professor of Psychology
Doris Elaine Heritage , Emeritus Faculty
William Michael Purcell , Professor of Communication
Kathleen (Katy) Tangenberg , Dean, School of Psychology, Family & Community
Scott Kolbo , Associate Professor of Art
Tina Schermer-Sellers, PhD, LMFT , Associate Professor
Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil , Associate Professor of Reconciliation Studies; Director of Reconciliation Studies
David Leong , Associate Professor of Missiology
Seton Hill University
Timothy Gabrielli , Assistant Professor of Theology
Shaw University
Mikael Broadway , Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics
Simpson College
Steven W. Rose , Professor emeritus
South University, College of Theology
Carl B. Smith II , Professor of Theology
Southeastern University
Rustin B. Lloyd , Instructor of History
Larry K. Asplund , Adjunct Instructor, School of Christian Ministries and Religion
Southern Adventist University
Robert Ordóñez , Associate Professor of Computing
Ken Parsons , Associate Professor of Music
Faith Ann Laughlin, EdD , Professor
Tron Wilder , Professor
Southern Methodist University
D. Stephen Long , Maguire University Professor of Ethics
Susanne Johnson , Associate Professor of Christian Education
Sze-kar Wan , Professor of New Testament
Harold Joseph Recinos , Professor of Church and Society
Southern Nazarene University
Mark Winslow , Dean of Sciences
Jim Smith , Associate Professor of Mass Communication
Gina Weaver , Associate Professor of English
Lisa Crow , Associate Professor of Chemistry
David Hoekman , Assistant Professor of Biology
Ronald Wright , Professor of Psychology
Pamela Bracken , Professor of English
Michelle Bowie , Assistant Professor of English
Jody Bowie , Assistant Professor of Education
Spring Arbor University
Mark R. Correll , Associate Professor of History
St. Catherine University
Colleen Mary Carpenter , Associate Professor of Theology
Vincent Skemp , Associate Professor
Paul Joseph Greene , Assistant Professor of Theology
Jane Lamm Carroll , Professor of History and Women's Studies
Tone Blechert , Retired Faculty and Associate Dean, School of Health
St. Mary's Seminary and University
Michael J. Gorman , Raymond E. Brown Chair in Biblical Studies and Theology
St. Norbert College
Eric Hagedorn , Associate Professor of Philosophy
Starr King School for the Ministry
Christopher L. Schelin , Director of Contextual Education, Adjunct Faculty
Gabriella Lettini , Academic Dean and A.H. Reinhardt Professor of Theological Ethics
Tabor College
Rick Bartlett , Director of Theological Education
Taylor University
Steven Bird , Professor of sociology
Dana L. Collins , Professor of Music
Jeff Cramer
Roberta Kroll , Adjunct Professor, Social Studies Education
Douglas Barcalow , Faculty Emeritus
Beulah P. Baker , Professor Emerita, English
LeRoy Kroll , Professor of Chemistry
Elizabeth Hasenmyer , Assistant Professor of Biology
Jan M. Reber , Professor of Biology
Michael M Jessup , Professor of Sociology
Mary Nyambura Muchiri , Associate Professor
Dannie M. Stanley , Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Engineering
Renata Kantaruk , Instructor of TESOL
Texas Christian University
Don Mills , Professor of Higher Education
Toccoa Falls College
Kenneth J. Turner , Associate Professor of Old Testament
Trevecca Nazarene University
Bruce E Oldham , President, Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary
Trinity Christian College
Melissa Rovig Vanden Bout , Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Jon Vander Woude , Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Michael Vander Weele , Professor of English
Tiffany R King , Assistant Professor of Psychology
David Brodnax, Sr. , Professor of History
Cynthia Bowen , Reference & Outreach Librarian
Kara Wolff , Associate Professor of Psychology
Mark Peters , Professor of Music
Cathy Mayer , Director of the Library
Ryan Thompson , Associate Professor of Art & Design
Sharon K. Robbert , Professor of Mathematics
Clayton Carlson , Associate Professor of Biology
Aron Reppmann , Professor of Philosophy
Dave Klanderman , Professor of Mathematics
Mary Lynn Colosimo , Professor of Psychology, Emerita
Michael Bosscher , Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Erick Sierra , Associate Professor of English
Mark Jones , Professor of English
Emily Bosscher , Director of First Year Experience
Diana Pell
Burt Rozema , Professor of Classics, Emeritus
Mackenzi Huyser , Executive Director of Chicago Semester
Lou Sytsma , Professor of chemistry, emeritus
Deb Majewski , Assistant Professor of Psychology
John W. Hoekstra , Professor of Education emeritus
Kendra DeBoer Wright , Associate Director of Internships at Chicago Semester
Abbie Schrotenboer , Assistant Professor of Biology
Craig Mattson , Professor of Communication Arts
Helen Hoekema Van Wyck , Professor of Music
Robert A. Boomsma , Professor of Biology
Daniel J. Cameron , Adjunct Faculty of Education
Brad Breems , Professor of Sociology Emeritus
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School of Trinity International University
Thomas H. McCall , Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology
Peter Cha , Professor of Church, Culture, and Society
Harold Netland , Professor of Philosophy of Religion and Intercultural Studies
Douglas A. Sweeney , Distinguished Professor of Church History and the History of Christian Thought
Jared E. Alcántara , Associate Professor of Homiletics
Steven C. Roy , Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology
Joshua Jipp , Associate Professor of New Testament
Trinity Western University
Katrina A. Korb , Associate Professor of Education
Arnold E. Sikkema , Professor of Physics
Dr. Holly Faith Nelson , Professor of English
Angela Konrad , Professor of Theatre
Joshua Hale , Assistant Professor of Art + Design
Erica L. Grimm , Associate Professor of Art, Chair Art + Design Department
Karen Steensma , Associate Professor of Biology
Kate Muchmore Woo , Assistant Professor of Theatre
William Badke , Associate Librarian
Kelly Arbeau , Assistant Professor of Psychology
Dr. Allyson Jule , Professor of Education
Union College
Rev. Dr. Victoria Brooks , Director of Religious and Spiritual Life, Campus Protestant Minister, Union College member of ACURA
Union Presbyterian Seminary
Dawn DeVries , J. N Thomas Professor of Systematic Theology
Richard W Voelz , Assistant Professor of Preaching & Worship
United Theological Seminary
Adam Wirrig , Director of the Master of Theological Studies Program
United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities
Sara Wilhelm Garbers , Director of Formation and Contextual Education and Instructor
Unity College
Janis Bragan Balda , Associate Professor of Sustainable Enterprise
Joshua Abram Kercsmar , Assistant Professor of Environmental Humanities
Frank Thomas , Catholic Chaplain
University of Arkansas
Thomas D. Senor , Professor
University of Dayton
William Portier , Professor and Mary Ann Spearin Chair of Catholic Theology
Jana Bennett , Associate Professor of Moral Theology
Kelly Johnson , Associate Professor, Religious Studies
Sandra Yocum , Professor of Faith and Culture
John Inglis , Professor of Philosophy, cross appointed to Department of Religious Studies
Brad J. Kallenberg , Professor of Theology & Ethics
Dennis M. Doyle , Professor of Religious Studies
Fred Jenkins , Associate Dean and Professor, University Libraries; joint appointment in Religious Studies
University of Dubuque Theological Seminary
Christopher B. James , Assistant Professor of Evangelism and Missional Christianity
University of Hawaii
Alan Stockton , Emeritus Professor, Physics and Astronomy
University of Northwestern - St. Paul
Sarah Jane Holsteen , Adjunct Professor of English
Dawnette Scott , Associate Dean of Student Engagement
Jonell Pacyga , ESL Education Program Coordinator, ESL Education and Literacy
University of Notre Dame
Todd David Whitmore , Associate Professor of Moral Theology
Michael Rea , Professor of Philosophy
Laura Holt , Emerita
University of San Diego
Emily Reimer-Barry , Associate Professor of Christian Ethics
Harriet Baber , Professor
University of San Francisco
Stephen A. Privett, SJ
Arturo Araujo, S.J. , Assistant Professor, Fine Arts
Donal Charles Godfrey, S.J. , Associate Director, University Ministry. Adjunct Faculty
Rev. Gerdenio Manuel, S.J. , Professor of Psychology
Matthew Gaudet , Adjunct Professor of Philosophy and Theology
University of St. Thomas
Kelly M. Wilson , Adjunct Theology Professor
Sherry Jordon , Associate Professor
University of the South School of Theology
Robert MacSwain , Associate Professor of Theology
Valparaiso University
Joseph Goss , Lilly Fellows Program Coordinator
Vanderbilt University
David A. Michelson , Assistant Professor of the History of Christianity, Vanderbilt University Divinity School
Paul C.H. Lim , Associate Professor of the History of Christianity; Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Vanguard University
Mike Wilson , Dean of the College
Sandra Morgan , Director, Global Center for Women & Justice
John R. M. Wilson , Professor of History
Mary Ahlberg Wilson , Librarian Emerita
Bonni Stachowiak , Director of Teaching Excellence and Digital Pedagogy
Elizabeth S Powell , Assistant Professor of Psychology
Karen J Hummel , Professor of Psychology
Kerry Moore , Assistant Professor of Social Work
Richard Israel , Professor of Old Testament
Kristen McCabe Lashua , Assistant Professor of History
Virginia Bible College
James P. Bowers , Professor of Practical Theology and Formation
Wayland Baptist University
Peter Bowen , Professor of Psychology
Jerry L. Faught II , Dean, WBU Altus Campus; Associate Professor of Religion
Stephen M. Stookey , Professor of Religion; Director of Online Religion Programs
David L. Bishop , Professor of Religion
Michael A. Dain , Associate Professor of Religion, Religion Coordinator Lubbock Campus
Fred Meeks , Emeritus Professor of Religion
Western Theological Seminary
Theresa F. Latini , Professor of Practical Theology and Pastoral Care
Westmont College
Scott Anderson , Professor of Art
Martin Asher , Professor of Economics
Brad Berky , Assistant Professor of Urban Studies
John Blondell , Professor of Theater Arts
Grey Brothers , Professor of Music
Dinora Cardoso , Professor of Modern Languages
Alister Chapman , Professor of History
Stephen Contakes , Associate Professor of Chemistry
Jesse Covington , Associate Professor of Political Science
Lisa DeBoer , Professor of Art
Mary Docter , Professor of Modern Languages
Deborah Dunn , Professor of Communication Studies
Leonor Elías , Associate Professor of Modern Languages
Bruce Fisk , Professor of Religious Studies
Elizabeth Gardner , Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
Andrea Gurney , Associate Professor of Psychology
Christian Hoeckley , Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Beth Horvath , Associate Professor of Biology
Nathan Huff , Assistant Professor of Art
Michelle Hughes , Associate Professor of Education
Patti Hunter , Professor of Mathematics
Wayne Iba , Professor of Computer Science
Steve Julio , Associate Professor of Biology
Heather Keaney , Associate Professor of History
Kenneth Kihlstrom , Professor of Physics
Tom Knecht , Associate Professor of Political Science
Cheri Larsen Hoeckley , Professor of English
Kristi Lazar Cantrell , Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Chandra Mallampali , Professor of History
Carmen McCain , Assistant Professor of English
Eileen McMahon McQuade , Professor of Biology
Christine Milner , Associate Professor of Kinesiology
Jonathan Mitchell , Associate Professor of Physics
John Moore , Associate Professor of Kinesiology
Mark Nelson , Professor of Philosophy
Ogechi Nwaokelemeh , Assistant Professor of Kinesiology
Don Patterson , Associate Professor of Computer Science
Frank Percival , Professor of Biology
Richard Pointer , Professor of History
Caryn Reeder , Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Helen Rhee , Professor of Religious Studies
Marianne Robins , Professor of History
Steve Rogers , Associate Professor of Psychology
Amanda Silberstein , Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Sarah Skripsky , Associate Professor of English
Brenda Smith , Professor of Psychology
Edward Song , Associate Professor of Philosophy
Felicia Song , Professor of Sociology
Amanda Sparkman , Associate Professor of Biology
Meagan Stirling , Assistant Professor of Art
Jim Taylor , Professor of Philosophy
Mitchell Thomas , Professor of Theater Arts
Cynthia Toms , Associate Professor of Kinesiology
David Vander Laan , Professor of Philosophy
Randall VanderMey , Professor of English
Tim Van Haitsma , Assistant Professor of Kinesiology
Meredith Whitnah , Assistant Professor of Sociology
Jane Wilson , Associate Professor of Education
Rachel Winslow , Assistant Professor of History
Dave Wolf , Associate Professor of Kinesiology
Sameer Yadav , Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
Karen M Andrews , Associate Professor of English and Urban Studies
John Draper , Staff
Marie Schoeff , Adjunct Professor of Art
Scott Lisea , Campus Pastor
Wheaton College
Bryan T. McGraw , Associate Professor of Politics and International Relations
Noah J Toly , Director of the Center for Urban Engagement and Professor of Urban Studies and Politics & International Relations
Karin R. Edwards , Professor of Piano
George Kalantzis , Professor of Theology
Daniel Paul Horn , Professor of Piano
Cliff Williams , Visiting Professor of Philosophy
Greg Halvorsen Schreck , Associate Professor of Art
Brian Howell , Professor of Anthropology
Beth Felker Jones , Professor of Theology
David B Fletcher , Associate Professor of Philosophy
Edward (Ward) B. Davis , Associate Professor of Psychology
Sarah Holman , Professor of Voice
Michael McKoy , Assistant Professor of Politics & International Relations
Cynthia Neal Kimball , Professor
Gene L Green , Professor of New Testament
David Hooker , Professor of Art
Stephen O. Moshier , Professor of Geology
Clinton S. Shaffer , Associate Professor of German
Christine Colón , Associate Professor of English
Scottie May , Associate Professor Emerita, Christian Formation & Ministry
David M. Gordon , Assistant Professor of Music
Gregory Lee , Assistant Professor of Theology
Raymond J Lewis , Associate Professor of Biology
Barrett W McRay , Associate Professor of Christian Formation & Ministry
Jeffrey K. Greenberg , Professor of Geology
Christina Bieber Lake , Clyde S. Kilby professor of English
Jordan J. Ryan , Visiting Assistant Professor of New Testament and Archaeology
Keith L. Johnson , Associate Professor of Theology
Matthew J. Milliner , Associate Professor of Art History
Kristen Page , Professor of Biology
Michael Mangis , Retired professor of psychology
Sara Vroom Fick , Visiting Instructor of Education, English Language and Bilingual Education
Alan A. Seaman , Professor of Intercultural Studies and TESOL
Christine Goring Kepner , Associate Professor of Spanish
Stephanie Gates , Assistant Professor of Spanish
Rochelle Scheuermann , Associate Professor of Evangelism & Leadership
Emily Hunter McGowin , Assistant Professor of Theology
Andrew J. Luhmann , Assistant Professor of Geology
Chris Keil , Professor of Environmental Science
Litong Chen , Visiting Associate Lecturer of Chinese
Wheeling Jesuit University
Andrew Staron , Assistant Professor of Theology
Whitworth University
Kathryn Lee , Professor of Political Science
Richard Strauch , Professor of Music
Kathleen Storm , Professor, Psychology
James McPherson , Professor of Communication Studies
Meredith Shimizu , Associate Professor of Art and Core
Laura J. Bloxham , Professor Emeritus English
Benjamin Brody , Professor of Music
Erica Salkin , Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
Charles Andrews , Associate Professor of English
John C. Yoder , Professor Emeritus, Political Science
Julia K. Stronks , Professor of Political Science
John Pell , Associate Professor of English
Jennifer Stafford Brown , Professor of French
Terry McGonigal , Director of Church Engagement
Patricia Bruininks , Associate Professor of Psychology
Jolyn dahlvig , Adjunct
Melissa Rogers , Associate Professor of Psychology
Keith Edward Beebe , Professor and Chair of Theology
William Jessup University
Andre Mendoza , Director of Academic Success
Kacey Bullock , Electronic Resources Librarian
William Jewell College
Ed Chasteen, PhD , Emeritis Professor of Sociology and Anthropology
Yale University Divinity School
Adam Eitel , Assistant Professor of Ethics
Angela Gorrell , Associate Research Scholar and Lecturer
Drew Collins , Associate Research Scholar and Lecturer
Ryan McAnnally-Linz , Associate Research Scholar and Lecturer
Matthew Croasmun , Associate Research Scholar and Lecturer
kaiden chatwin , professer